IIAST’s Philosophy


Success in IIAST means you need to be a positive and supportive member of an organisation which is based upon a philosophy of mutual support. This requires commitment to your fellow members as well as to the philosophy of ‘Givers Gain’: by giving business to others, you will get business in return
  • Willing to carry out education, research, community service, and training
  • Be honest with fellow IIAST members
  • Build goodwill and trust among IIAST members
  • Meet the professional ethics standards of IIAST members
  • Show a positive and supportive attitude with IIAST members
  • Organizing collaborative research and development resources
  • Organizing Scientific Activities, Scientific Studies, Seminars, and Workshops
  • Enhancement and Development of Human Resources Competencies
  • Up to 50℅ discount for publication in journals and conferences
  • Agree as co-host and co-organizer of the events being held
  • Obtaining the MoU and PKS cooperation which implementation is international
  • Agree to hold 2 (two) international conferences per year

As an IIAST member, you are part of an organization committed to helping everyone at IIAST have the opportunities they need to learn, grow and develop. The membership policy is designed to ensure IIAST can continue to carry out Education, Research, Community Service, and Training. In addition, IIAST reserves the right to deny access or membership to anyone who has violated the code of ethics. Members are encouraged to take responsibility for each of the points mentioned above.